Precision Valve Balls and Spherical Grinding

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Made and manufactured in the US.

What We Do

DK Machine is a full-service machine shop that specializes in spherical parts while still maintaining our capabilities for traditional machined parts including turning capacity up to25” diameter X40” long with live tooling and Y axis available on multiple lathes, and both vertical & horizontal spindle milling machine capacity of 41” X41” X 53”. We have the latest in computerized machining equipment including 3D C.A.M. software for program creation. Along with our CNC machining capabilities we have a full complement of traditional manually operated machines for secondary operations or tooling/maintenance needs.

Our specialty however remains centered on spherical parts- generally either spherical bearing surfaces or balls and components for the ball valve industry. To work in this highly specialized field we have developed a full complement of proprietary spherical grinding and lapping equipment that we have custom built thru years of in-house research and development. This equipment as well as our procedures have been refined for years and allows us to provide you with sphericity and surface finish tolerances that you will not find anywhere else. We can provide your parts turn-key or we can perform spherical finishing of parts that you already have a source for. We have capability to provide both internal and external spherical surfaces, so we can manufacture your complete spherical assemblies with no worries about mating or interfacing issues. We can also provide you with repair/rebuild services for your worn parts weather you require spherical ground parts or ball valve components.

We manufacture parts form materials that many shops will not work with. We work with plastics, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, and all grades of annealed and hardened Stainless Steel of course but we also regularly machine all grades of Titanium, Inconel, Monel, Zirconium, Stellite and other exotics here at DK Machine. We keep tooling on hand for all these materials so we can turn your projects around quickly without the “learning curve” you might have to wait for (and pay for) with some of our competitors.

We have developed a network of trusted sub-tier suppliers for many different types of coatings and platings that can restore worn surfaces and ensure durability and long life of your parts even in the most severe of services like Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Mining & Exploration, and even the US Military. We have developed finishing strategies that allow us to grind and finish all sorts of severe service coatings with the same precision that we can provide on non-coated balls. We also rely on trusted sub-tier suppliers for a wide variety of destructive and non-destructive testing. Thru these suppliers we can provide certification of your raw materials or finished parts to a wide variety of standards and acceptance criteria.


At DK Machine, we take the quality of your parts very seriously with a written quality manual that complies to MIL I45208A and two full time employees dedicated strictly to quality roles. We have a dedicated Q/C room which houses three traditional style Coordinate Measuring Machines. We also have three articulating arm type C.M.M’s that can be used on large parts before they are removed from the machine tool to ensure that they fall within all tolerances before the setup is disrupted. These C.M.M’s provide us with printed full dimensional reports that we can ship along with your parts if necessary. All of our measuring tools are calibrated regularly to ensure that they are in good repair and maintain their accuracy for measurements on your parts.

If you need high quality, tight tolerance spherical parts then look no further, you have come to the right place with DK Machine. Give us a call today and we will get started on a free quote for your project. DK Machine does not just want to make parts for you, we want to partner with you and learn how we can solve problems for you and add value to your business.