DK Machine offers valve ball and seat manufacturing and repair, and provides spherical grinding services for many industries including military, mining, pulp and paper, petroleum and chemical. We produce precision valve balls for use in severe duty, high pressure, and high tolerance applications.

Our products include stainless steel, titanium, Stellite®, Hastalloy®, brass, carbon steel, Inconel® and nickel alloy valve balls, to name a few. Our Quality Control System complies with MIL-I-45208A standards.

DK Machine is proud to be a small privately owned and 100% American company founded from very humble beginnings in 1985. We have one manufacturing facility located in beautiful Upstate NY in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains situated right along the Hudson River. With occasional part time help our manpower floats around 20 employees. Our facility consists of a total 13,170 square feet with a machining area of 9,500 square feet, with 450 square feet that is committed specifically to quality assurance and an assembly area of 770 square feet. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the manufacture of your parts, so we have dedicated 250 square feet solely to our shipping area where your parts are expertly and carefully packaged to ensure their safe passage and arrival. We have engineering and management office space of 2200 square feet with several thousand additional square feet of cold storage space.

Our employees are drawn from the local area which has been known for its technical expertise since the American Industrial Revolution brought a flood of manufacturing to the Hudson River valley. Our employees bring a combined experience of over 300 years in the machining, assembly, engineering, and quality assurance trades.

We pride ourselves on taking good care of our employees in every way because they are the most essential part of our business and our commitment to them shows in their loyalty and steadfastness. We have a great compensation package and time off that is second to none in our area. Our employees enjoy profit sharing bonuses that help ensure they are driven to provide the most profitable solution to your manufacturing needs. We enjoy long employee retention with a large majority of our employees staying until retirement. We cultivate good personal relationships among our employees by providing several days throughout the year where they enjoy a catered on-site meal with extra time off to socialize and various off-site social events per year. This practice helps to build stronger relationships, minimizes communication problems and personal differences, and translates to an assurance of a smooth transition of your project thru our shop.

Our employees’ workspaces are maintained with their safety and comfort in mind with cleanliness and excellent air quality always stressed and monitored. Our entire shop and office area is climate controlled and is always held between 68 and 70 degrees. Central air conditioning is very rare for machine shops in the north country and with our hot and humid summers, this serves as a great benefit to our employees. We exceed all government mandated safety protocols to ensure our employees have a safe and healthy place to work and that they all go home in the same condition in which they arrived to work. This commitment to safety, comfort, and health shows that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that there will be no lost time on your projects due to injury or discomfort of our employees. Our commitment to maintaining safe, healthy, and happy employees ensures that we have a very solid personnel foundation that your business can rely on without hesitation.

We keep our shop and each & every piece of equipment always maintained and clean. We hire an outside firm to perform annual preventive maintenance of machinery that includes a complete teardown, deep cleaning and inspection with no cost spared to ensure that any and all problems that are discovered are repaired 100% so that you don’t have to worry about our machines causing a disruption in your supply chain. All inspection equipment is maintained and calibrated at regular intervals according to a written quality policy to ensure its accuracy and reliability. Our buildings are well maintained and kept clean and neat inside and out and all our employees take pride in our business’s appearance.