Whether it’s a refinery in sweltering Central America, a desolate oil patch in west Texas or on the icy North Pacific, the oil & gas industry has some of the most harsh and demanding applications of all the valve industries we deal with. Extreme heat and cold, poison and caustic gases, lightning fast open/close speeds, fluids with abrasive sand and extreme pressures make these valves some of the most violently mistreated pieces of machinery on planet earth. These harsh conditions demand hard materials and durable coatings, exacting tolerances, and perfect sealing surfaces and that is exactly what DK Machine provides for our oil & gas customers. Our list of customers reads like a who’s who of the oil and gas industry. If you’re not using DK Machine as a supplier of balls and seats you should consider us for your future projects, and please consider sending your non spherical part specifications over for a free quote as well, we might show you some substantial savings. We take our customers privacy seriously with procedures in place that ensure your technical information will remain within our walls- physically, digitally, and intellectually. We are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with new customers.

We commonly work with all the tough materials that many shops won’t touch; Inconel®, Hasteloy®, Stellite®, Monel®, Titanium, Zirconium, Waspaloy® and many others are just everyday occurrences here. We have the tooling and programming expertise to make machining these tough alloys a walk in the park. Along with these difficult to machine alloys, we also work with some of the toughest coatings and surface finishes in the industry. While we do not do any coatings or plating’s in-house, we have developed solid relationships with trusted and approved suppliers for any type of severe service coatings, plating’s, and other surface treatments. We are very familiar with High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) applied coatings like Chrome Carbide, Tungsten Carbide and many others. We commonly finish spray & fuse and laser clad coatings of many materials as well as more traditional chrome plating, Teflon® coatings or any number of PVD, CVD diamond-like coatings or other vapor deposited hardness or lubricity enhancing coatings. Similarly, we do not perform heat treating or non-destructive testing here but rather leave that to the experts who specialize in only that. This philosophy allows us to focus our efforts on what’s most important to you; high precision machining and grinding of your valve balls and seats or other components for the gas & oil industry.

Many years ago, we developed strict procedures to adhere to the US Navy regulations and requirements for quality assurance and part traceability. These procedures are so efficient and foster such an environment of quality that we decided to implement them across all jobs that pass thru the shop so that all our customers can reap the benefits of assured quality that they provide. Written procedures for everything process in the shop ensure you will benefit from our systems designed to satisfy the requirements of the US Navy including MIL I45208A. All our quality systems are audited regularly by our own employees and regularly scheduled external audits by the Navy and their sub-tier suppliers. These audits ensure that we are consistently exceeding quality standards. We also maintain tight working relationships with inspectors from sub-tier suppliers who are in our shop regularly to perform in process and final inspections. This allows us to stay up to the minute on any changes required in our quality assurance program.

DK Machine has developed a series of equipment to perform fully automated and semi-automated grinding and lapping of spherical parts. This highly specialized equipment allows us to provide that perfect seal or bearing surface much faster and more consistently than our competitors. Our unique lapping equipment eliminates part distortion and heat which provides your parts with a rock-solid sealing or bearing surface that is dimensionally stable and assured to provide a long service life. We can provide a top-quality seal or bearing surface to your specifications weather you need one piece or a thousand.

When the process is demanding oil & gas applications, you want to have DK Machine in your corner. If you don’t have us quote your next project, then beware- your customers probably are!