DK Machine is located in an area that was once a thriving pulp & paper hub. In fact, the Pulp & Paper industry is where we got our start in the valve ball and seat grinding business. We understand the demands of the industry and developed our process with your needs in mind. As the years have passed our area has lost a lot of its pulp mills and paper plants, but our knowledge of the industry remains solid, and we are ready to serve our pulp & paper customers from all over the globe. We can handle valve ball reconditioning and remanufacture of valve seats. If you have valves that are beyond repair, we can manufacture balls and seats to make them perform like new again. You know your maintenance dollars are stretched thin, so don’t waste time and money with a shop that doesn’t know the intricacies of these valve parts, bring them to the shop that has been repairing and reconditioning them since 1985. We can work with floating or stem balls from ¾” diameter up to 24” diameter and we have a solid relationship with suppliers who can provide overlays and cladding in a variety of different materials. If you need complete valve teardown and rebuilding, we can coordinate that work thru a trusted local repair facility who will handle the teardown, reassembly and testing of the complete valve.

     At DK Machine we focus our efforts on what we are good at- grinding and lapping of spherical parts. That said, we also have developed relationships with sub-tier suppliers to provide technologies that we cannot. We have a great supplier for castings if you have a project that will require having a replacement part cast and we work with trusted and approved suppliers for any type of severe service coatings, plating’s, and other surface treatments. We are very familiar with High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) applied coatings like Chrome Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, and many others. We commonly finish spray & fuse and laser clad coatings of many materials as well as more traditional chrome plating, Teflon® coatings or any number of PVD, CVD diamond-like coatings or other vapor deposited hardness or lubricity enhancing coatings. Similarly, we do not perform heat treating or non-destructive testing here but rather leave that to the experts who specialize in only that. With our collaboration with our trusted sub-tier suppliers, our team can provide your team with whatever you need to keep your business rolling; high precision machining and grinding of your valve balls and seats or any other machined components for the Pulp & Paper industry. Give us a call today to see how we can help you during your next scheduled shutdown, repair, or plant renovation.