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We can manufacture precision solid spheres as small as ¼”-3 ½” diameter and even hollow spheres made of many materials and can comply with your strict material and/or process certification requirements. These solid or hollow balls may be used in bearing applications, directional flow control (check balls), pressure control (pressure relief valves) or liquid level control (float balls) and while some of these applications can use standard off the shelf commodity balls, some require more strict material certifications such as NACE DFARS or any other governmental or private sector compliance, and some require a higher level of precision that cannot be purchased in a commodity product. The same holds true for various spherical roller applications or virtually any application that requires a full ball- either solid or hollow- 100% manufactured in the USA to precision tolerances.

We commonly work with all the alloy materials that many shops won’t touch; Inconel®, Hasteloy®, Stellite®, Monel®, Titanium, Zirconium, Waspaloy® and many others. Along with these difficult to machine alloys, we also work with some of the toughest coatings and surface finishes in the industry. While we do not do any coatings or plating’s in-house, we have developed solid relationships with trusted and approved suppliers for many types of severe service coatings, plating’s, and other surface treatments.